CEO Sam Altman’s product – The ChatGPT service from OpenAI experienced a major outage for the second time in a single day, today.

The AI tool went available this morning, making a bunch of users unable to access the service for several hours.

Reports indicate that users of both the mobile application as well as the web version were affected by this AI glitch. The precise cause of the outage is not yet clear, but OpenAI has acknowledged the issue and has probably started investigating the same.

Followed by this technical inconvenience by OpenAI, other artificial intelligence tools, such as Google Gemini, Anthropic’s Claude AI, and Perplexity AI web search, have also reportedly experienced issues after this glitch came out in the picture. There was a message in the Perplexity Discord that read “the tool is currently not available” first after which there came no update anywhere.

This latest outage is not the first time. ChatGPT has experienced a significant disruption, with a similar incident taking place in November 2023. The application was down for around 90 minutes then, which was due to the result of a DDoS attack. 

An update on the ChatGPT status is awaited. Earlier such disruption had even impacted OpenAI’s API services to the core. ChatGPT was first launched on 30th November, 2022 as a chatbot and virtual assistant developed by OPENAI enabling users to improve,rework, and refine any piece of data to a desired length or requirement.


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