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More than 100 countries can now use Gemini AI, which is Google’s answer to ChatGPT. “The Gemini mobile app is going global!” Google wrote on the social media site X, which used to be called Twitter. Now, people in more than 100 countries can use Gemini on their phones to be more creative and get more done in more languages.

Google hasn’t made a separate Gemini AI app for a lot of countries yet. In many places, like India, the Gemini AI app is now part of Assistant. The Gemini tab has been added to the Google app for iPhone users.

The company said, “We’ll slowly expand to more languages, countries, and territories that are in line with local laws and our AI principles.”

It’s clear that a lot of Europe and the UK aren’t on the list of places where the Gemini AI app can be used in some way. It’s clear that Europe’s strict data privacy laws and other rules have kept Google from releasing the app there.

If you can’t get to Gemini through Google Assistant in India, wait for an offer the next time you use Google Assistant.

How do I get Gemini AI to work on my phone?

How do I get Gemini AI to work on my phone?

Google says that the Gemini app can be used on non-folding Android phones, as well as Samsung and Pixel foldables, that have 4 GB of RAM or more and iOS 12 or higher. It can also be used as a mobile helper. This means that you won’t be able to use Gemini AI on your phone if it doesn’t run Android 12 or later.

Google has also added more Extensions and made it possible to chat with Gemini right from the address bar on your Chrome laptop. You can use these add-ons to get to Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Drive, and other famous Google apps.

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