Apple and emojis go together like peanut butter and jelly. People want these more and more every year as the number of users grows. Apple follows a set process to get new emojis out to everyone. To do this, it depends on the Unicode Consortium to start the beta review process for the new emojis before deciding which ones can go live to everyone.

So, what can iPhone users look forward to from Apple? Which emojis might soon be available on keyboards? Take a look at these seven new emojis that Apple is about to add to the iPhone.

There will be seven new emojis on iPhones:

– Fingerprint

– Leafless tree

– Root vegetable

– Harp

– Shovel

– Splatter

There are some really cool new emojis that iPhone users will enjoy. For example, the face with the bag under the eyes will help people be more honest in their messages about their feelings. The Unicode group will clear these emojis, and then Apple will start working on their artwork. The artwork will be released to the public sometime next year, maybe with the iOS 18.4 update.

Now that WWDC 2024 is over, Apple has other things planned for June that will keep them busy. Some of the most popular iPhone apps will likely get a lot of AI features in iOS 18. These features will include the ability to summarise news stories, content, and even audio files.


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