Apple is expanding the reach of its Apple TV app to include Android smartphones and tablets. This means Android users will soon be able to enjoy Apple TV+ originals and other streaming content directly from a native app, a significant extension from its previous availability on iPhones and select Android smart TVs.

A Game-Changer for Android Users

Exciting news for Android users: Apple is finally launching its Apple TV app for Android smartphones and tablets. Until now, this app was exclusive to iPhones and certain Android smart TVs. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently hiring engineers to develop this new project. The Apple TV app on Android will be a central hub for streaming a wide range of content, including exclusive Apple TV+ originals, such as Apple-produced shows, movies, and documentaries. Additionally, the app allows users to subscribe to various Apple TV channels like HBO and Showtime, providing a comprehensive platform for diverse streaming options. Users can also buy or rent movies and TV shows from the store and access live sports content, including Friday Night Baseball and the MLS Season Pass.

Improved User Experience

Previously, Android users who wanted to watch Apple TV+ shows or access the MLS Season Pass had to use the web version at, which was not very convenient. The new native Apple TV app on Android will be a significant improvement, offering features like offline downloads for a better user experience.

Subscription Details

In India, Apple TV+ subscription costs Rs 99 per month, with a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. Additionally, purchasing a new Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or iPod touch includes one year of free Apple TV+ access. After the free period, the regular monthly fee applies. The subscription also supports family sharing, allowing up to six family members to share one subscription.

Extensive Content Library

The Apple TV app on Android will be loaded with content, including Apple TV+ originals, other Apple TV channels, and a store for buying or renting movies and shows. It also features Apple’s growing sports content, such as Friday Night Baseball and the MLS Season Pass.

Aligning with Apple Music

This development aligns the Apple TV app on Android with Apple Music, another major service from Apple. Apple Music, which launched exclusively on iOS in 2015, became available on Android later that same year. The Apple TV app, which debuted in 2019, had been limited to iPhones until now.

Expanding Platform Availability

Apple has been broadening the availability of the Apple TV app across various platforms beyond mobile devices. This expansion aims to attract more viewers to Apple TV+. The app is already available on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, Xbox, Xfinity cable boxes, and more. Last year, Apple even released a native Windows desktop app.

What This Means for Android Users

In conclusion, the expansion of the Apple TV app on Android devices is great news for Android users, making it easier for non-iPhone users to sign up for and enjoy Apple TV+ and other services. However, the release timeline for the Android version is still unclear. If Apple has just begun development, it may take some time before the app becomes available.


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