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iPad Pros attracted the most attention at Apple’s event later last week. However, make sure you to also look at the updated iPad Air. The next generation iPad Air gets some significant change to its display size and performance while launching on May 15 with other models. We discuss the design, machine performance, battery life, accessories, competitors and the cost by going in the depth review of 2024 iPad Air.

Screen Size and Design

Together with the existing 10. 9-inch version, the new iPad Air has a 13-inch model, which is the most important variation. The iPad Air lineup is more like the iPad Pro lineup now, providing users with a wider range of choices depending on their wants and desires. Despite the fact that the design is again basically the same, the larger screen creates a more immersive reality which is great for watching videos, doing projects, or working on art.


The iPad Air comes with a powerful M2 chip that compares satisfactorily with the iPad Pro from the previous version. This makes multitasking, smooth app switching, and power management more possible. As you play games, editing photos, and apps that are demanding, the iPad Air will easily handle them without any lag, making the experience fast, and smooth. There is no doubt that M2 chip is a big improvement compared to its predecessor. It is easy to operate and has additional functionalities that are tailored to different types of jobs and workflows.

Display Quality

The iPad Air has an LCD screen which isn’t as developed as the iPad Pro’s OLED display but it has vivid colors, well-detailed images and stunning clarity. With the True Tone technology, the white balance is adapted to the surrounding light, and you can watch videos wherever you are without the discomfort. Though this one doesn’t feature ProMotion technology or higher refresh rates the monitor still provides a great canvas for watching videos, playing games, and working at the same time. The display on iPad Air has quality details and bright colors that make each and every experience more than good, from watching videos to surfing the web to editing documents.

Camera and Accessories

Another big change is that the front-facing camera has been moved from the center to the edge of the device. This enables the video calls to be more convenient, when you have a keyboard on the device. The latest Apple Pencil Pro can accompany the iPad Air. This is really great for artists, designers and those who are note-taking who require precision and flexibility in their work. The addition of the Apple Pencil Pro makes the artistic capabilities of the iPad more precise and intuitive, thus facilitating activities such as sketching, drawing, annotating, and taking handwritten notesHowever, many people may be displeased by difficulties with older Apple Pencil models as they often need styluses from the earlier generations for their work.

Battery Life

According to Apple, iPad Air’s battery can last even 10 hours and this is confirmed by the real-life users. The chip M2 covers power saving, the smartphones last longer, there is more productivity, and user output is increased. It should be highlighted that customers in the UK and the EU only get a USB-C charging cable without the charger brick. To improve charging, users will require buying a new adapter.

Price and Competition

Value Proposition

This iPad Air is a bargain vs its starting price of $599 for the 11-inch model and $799 for the 13-inch model. The iPad Air is cheaper than the expensive iPad Pro models. So, many people can also have this compared to pricey models.

Performance and Affordability

The iPad Pro for power users because it has more features, but the iPad Air is a true balance between speed and price. The iPad Air with 80% of the features of the iPad Pro at a lower price, is an excellent option for those who do not require the professional features of the Pro model.

Superior Features

The iPad Air is ahead of the basic iPad in aspects of speed, features, and versatility. The iPad Air improves the user experience with many types of jobs and workflows thanks to the M2 chip on-board, larger display option, and even the ability to work with accessories such as the Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard.

Future-Proof Investment

The iPad Air’s good speed with-current features make it a good buy for people who look for a device that will work well both now and the future. The iPad Air is the ideal companion for the intellectual pastime of the reader, the practical activities of the worker, and the creative endeavors of the artist.

Competitive Positioning

iPad Air might turn to the alternative of leaders in terms of tablets market because of its reasonable price, speed and rich features. Students, workers, and individuals who need a device that is robust, convenient and can serve for their every day purposes are all among the vast group of users.


iPad Air that was released in 2024 is excellent not only due to its larger screen choices, but also its speed and affordability. It’s a great tablet for so many type of users. Whether you’re an occasional user, a student or a creative professional, the iPad Air will help you achieve more productivity, creativity, entertainment and so on. It doesn’t have the same high-end features as the iPad Pro, such as Face ID and ProMotion technology, but it does an excellent job as a balanced device that the majority of people will get good use from. The iPad Air establishes itself as a Gordian knot of sorts in the iPad line-up-not too basic, not too high-end, just right-through its beauty, smartness, and the ability to work with essential accessories.


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