Recently launched Apple Intelligence – Apple’s AI is not up for a test for the developers till late summers next year. Bloomberg news reported on Sunday that this artificial intelligence as announced by Apple will not be available for a beta version and developers cannot test it like Apple’s other new operating systems.

The version is to arrive as a preview directly this fall season and will be only present in American English for the starting few devices. It is also said that customers might have to sign up for a waitlist to access this new feature.

Earlier, Apple released its new features at the WWDC. While now, as per the new way of operating Apple is seen to not follow a strict timeline. So ultimately, Apple’s new launches are to go slow this year.

The report highlighted several benefits of this approach. For instance, it simplifies staffing by allowing engineers to focus on specific features, release the technology once completed, and then transition to other tasks. 

Additionally, beginning with American English gives Apple an extra time to train its AI models in other languages, which is alternatively a significant challenge as per the reports.

Meanwhile, PYMNTS mentioned last week that ,”Apple’s new AI efforts and latest AI initiatives transform how consumers interact with their devices and, more importantly, how they shop”.

Experts suggest that the company aims to revolutionize business-customer interactions. By integrating OpenAI’s launch – ChatGPT, Apple devices will soon handle customer inquiries, process orders, and provide product recommendations.

“As consumers get used to AI managing more tasks, their dependence on AI for everyday activities and decision-making will likely grow. This could shift consumer expectations towards more automated and intuitive services,” Yi Fang, an associate professor of Computer Science and Engineering and director of responsible AI at Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering, told PYMNTS.


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