With WWDC 2024 starting in just under 14 days on June 10, Apple has finally revealed more details about its biggest developer event of the year. The main event, the opening keynote on June 10 at 10:00 AM PDT (10.30 pm IST), will be live-streamed on Apple’s website, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app, and the Apple YouTube channel.

Here’s what’s expected to be unveiled:

AI Focus: WWDC is rumored to focus on AI this year. Apple will likely introduce AI-powered capabilities across its software platforms, including smarter Siri integration, better image and speech recognition, and more tailored user experiences.

Apple iOS 18: The upcoming Apple iOS 18 is expected to improve things a lot, like adding new features just for iPhone users and redesigning the notification system.

iPadOS 18: You can expect changes that are made to make the iPad better. experience, which could include better multitasking and an interface that looks more like a PC.

macOS 15: Apple’s next desktop operating system, macOS 15, will likely have performance improvements, security updates, and possibly new features designed just for Mac users, like a new dark mode that works across the whole system.

WatchOS 11: is expected to add new health and fitness tracking features, like tracking sleep, and make the Apple Watch interface better, which will be a big improvement for users.

VisionOS 2: is said to be the software that runs Apple’s AR/VR headset. get a new look, and developers who are making augmented reality experiences might get new features.

Developer Assistance and Resources: During WWDC week, developers will be able to talk to Apple experts who will help them add the newest features and technologies to their apps and give them access to resources and help. Every day, session films will be made available for people who can’t make it live.

Platforms State of the Union: There will be a live stream of the Platforms State of the Union talk on the Apple Developer website and app after the keynote on June 10 at 1:00 PM PDT. This session will probably go into more detail about the future software updates and how they work.


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