In the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg talked about what to expect from Apple’s future iOS 18 and macOS 15. Gurman says that one of the best things about iOS 18 will be a new AI-powered feature that lets users make their own emojis on the fly. Users will not have to wait for the yearly updates to get new emojis. Instead, they will be able to make their own on the spot, based on the talks they are having.

The generative AI will look at the context of users’ messages and make custom emojis that are perfect for any situation. This will make the emojis on iPhones and other Apple devices much more useful. This new feature is likely to stand out among the many improvements that iOS 18 will make.

Along with the tool for making your own emoji, iOS 18 will also add AI improvements to a number of other apps, such as alerts, Photos, and Notes. The goal of these changes is to use AI to make the user experience and functions better.

Gurman also says that iOS 18 will give users more ways to customize their home screens. Users will be able to change the colors of app icons on their home screens to make them more unique. Moving away from the strict grid layout that is currently in place, the new system will also give you more freedom in where you put app icons and widgets.

Apple will show off these cool new features at the WWDC event, which is coming up in just two weeks. With these changes, Apple continues to push the limits of customization and user experience by using cutting-edge AI to make the way people use their devices every day better.

As for other news, a recent story from Tech Radar says that Apple is about to release a revolutionary new foldable technology. The company has filed a new patent application with the number 11991901, which shows that they are working on a bendable screen that can heal itself from scratches and dents.

There are three major parts to the patent, which is called “Electronic Devices with Flexible Display Cover Layers.” The first two are rigid displays that are linked by a flexible segment. According to the story, this flexible area may have the ability to heal itself, which could make foldable devices much more durable and last longer.


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