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Apple is soon to come up with its new launch of the iPhone 16 series in the coming fall season, and the upcoming news speaks of the world’s slimmest bezels appearing now.

Yes, that’s true! Recent leaks tell that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 Pro may have the world’s slimmest bezels, potentially beating the current record holder, Samsung S24. Set to be released in September, the iPhone 16 Pro promises to introduce a new look with various changes, including different displays, advanced camera lenses, new-generation processors, and a thermal design to prevent overheating.

Speculations come from Ice Univers, a leaker holding strong records of his perceptions turning true. Ice took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the news writing, “ My friend confirmed that iPhone 16 Pro will reduce bezel, surpassing Galaxy S24 to become the world’s narrowest bezel mobile phone, which seems to be very close to the dream form.” 

Although it may seem impossible to have even thinner bezels to a new Apple device, ever since the iPhone 15 series was seen with a drop from 3.5mm (iPhone 14) to under 2mm. the iPhone 16 Pro, however, has still chosen to reduce the blank areas surrounding the display, making it the narrowest bezel mobile phone. This news came in recognition after Apple said they would use a Border Reduction Structure technology to achieve the thinner bezel build. However, it is also heard that there are suggestions saying that this technology has encountered some manufacturing challenges because of the wiring and circuitry near the edge of the panel. 

Seems like the proposed thinner bezels will make the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series models easier to hold with larger displays at 6.3 and 6.7 inches, respectively.

Right after Ice Universe’s announcement, people are seen reacting differently. Questions are being raised about whether this addition would impact the phone’s yield. One user on his tweet replied, “I’ll never understand this need. Never. Serving comments like such, Ice Universe immediately reacted saying that not everyone was concerned about bezel thickness. He replied to users’ comments with words like, “You don’t care about bezel, but if I give you a design of Galaxy A54, you will definitely dislike it for the first time.”

Well, we don’t know how thin the new device is to look, but one thing is sure Apple will be successfully taking over Samsung’s crown and dethroning it from being the holder of the world’s slimmest smartphone. Now we will see Apple, once again, overpowering Samsung in many leading ways.


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