Have you ever wondered how to find out your iPhone or iPad WiFi password? Perhaps you’re making effort to connect your new device to the network, or you want to share your iPhone or iPad WiFi password with your friends and colleagues. This guide will show you how to verify your WiFi password on your iPhone, whether or not you are currently connected to the network.

How to see WiFi passwords using the iPhone WiFi Setting panel?

One of the simplest methods is by using IPhone Wifi setting option. To do so follow the simple steps below to get your Wi Fi passwords for your connected current WiFi network and also for the saved WiFi network which you connected in the past. Let’s make the procedure simple.

See the password for the current connected WiFi network

To see the WiFi password for your present connected WiFi network using the iPhone setting follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Go to the setting app

Step 2: Select WiFi from the setting

Step 3: Click on the connected WiFi network

Step 4: Tap on the network information option

Step 5: Click on the password field

Step 6: Use your face ID, passcode, or touch ID to reveal the code

Let us do it step by step. First unlock your iPhone and go into setting app


Find the password for saved WiFi networks

Step 1: Go to the setting app

Step 2: Select WiFi from the setting

Step 3: Go to my network

Step 4: Select the WiFi network

Step 5: Tap on password

Step 6: Use your passcode, touch ID and face lock to see the WiFi password

First two steps are same like above others are same but quite different. Go to my networks


How to see WiFi password for iPad

The procedure to get the WiFi password information both for connected and saved WiFi networks for iPad handsets is the same as that of iPhone. There is no difference so follow the procedure explained above already to get a WiFi password for your iPad. Moreover, you can also use iCloud method as described above iPhone to get a WiFi password for your iPad.


That’s all! As you can see, finding a wireless LAN password stored on an iPhone or iPad is actually very easy. By simply following the steps above, you can find the password for the wireless LAN network to which iPhone/iPad has connected in the past.


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