One major reason why people love the iPhone more than the Android is because of the feature of Night mode on an iPhone. This super convenient feature automatically sets the light of your device in a way that you don’t have to worry about changing the settings now and then.

Taking a picture on Night Mode is just like taking a regular picture but with sheer clarity and no flash lighting up from the background. Night Mode on an iPhone is loved by users so much, just because it automatically detects when the camera is turned on, in any low-light setting.

How to Turn on Night Mode on an iPhone

To know how to set Night mode on an iPhone, follow the step-wise guide below :

  • Open the Camera app on your device.
  • You will see a Night Mode icon on the top left of the display. Check if the feature is active. 
  • If the mode is working, the icon color changes to Yellow.
  • Tap the shutter button to click a normal picture like you usually do in a low-light setting area.
  • Check the picture quality to see the Night mode on an iPhone 
How to turn on night mode on an iphone
How to turn on night mode on an iphone
How to turn on night mode on an iphone

Note: When clicking a picture in a low-light setting, you may have to hold the iPhone for a little longer (probably a few seconds) depending on the darkness of the surroundings to let the Night Mode in an iPhone perform its function ideally. 

Changing The Level Of Night Mode in an iPhone Manually

If you want to change the level of night mode in your iPhone on your own, here’s a guide on how to do it :

  • Open the Camera on your iPhone.
  • Prepare your picture by lining it up.
  • Click on the Yellow – Night mode button on the top left of the screen.
  • Swipe right the dial under the image and adjust the capture time.
  • Next, tap the Shutter button to click your picture.
  • You have finally got a good Night-mode picture clicked on your device.
How to turn on night mode on an iphone
Changing the level of night mode in an iphone manually
Changing the level of night mode in an iphone manually

Get the Best Night Mode Shots on Your iPhone 

Now that you have learned how to use Night Mode on an iPhone, both manually and automatically. Let us tell you about the different ways you can get a wonderful shot on your device.

Yes, By following multiple tips and tricks you can choose to get various shots on your Iphone. Read below to know some of them:

Tripod does The Wonder 

Using a tripod can be the best option to get a good shot. If you want to get multiple pictures clicked in night mode, buy yourself a tripod and make it possible. 

Don’t Click Moving Pictures 

Night mode on an iphone works best with images that are not moving. Always take note that whenever you are prepping for a night mode shot, make sure the person or situation you are capturing is in a still position and not moving, as moving pictures fail to give you the best click.

Always hold the device correct 

This point is almost as similar to what we just talked about in the previous point. 

Like it is important to keep the person clicked in a stable position, it is equally important to keep your device straight. Hold your iPhone steadily to capture the best shot possible. 

This is essential during dark background settings because your device keeps the shutter open for a little longer than usual due to the Night Mode in an iPhone and thereafter gives the perfect shot. So stability is important even while holding the camera in your hand.

Also, Learn – How to Turn the Night mode Feature Off.

So now, you are all set to go out and click any picture with the help of night mode. You can capture the perfect moon shot, the perfect ‘puppies being fed by their mom’ shot, the perfect party selfie, and what not. 

Everything is because of the Night mode feature of the iPhone. Wondering what to do if you want to turn this feature off temporarily? 

Here’s how you can turn off the Night Mode feature on your iPhone camera: 

  • Open the Camera application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Night Mode on an iPhone icon, (present at the top left corner of screen) and slide it towards Off. 
How to turn the night mode feature off.
How to turn the night mode feature off.
  • The Night mode is now turned off on your device. However, you will have to turn the mode ON whenever needed manually once you turn it OFF on your own. To avoid this, you can preserve the settings made. This will automatically turn the Night mode ON every time you open it.
  • For this, Go to Settings > Camera and choose the Preserve Settings option. 
  • Toggle the Night Mode option to turn it Off. This will set the mode to On/Automatic every time you open the Camera
How to turn off night mode on iphone
How to turn off night mode on iphone
How to turn off night mode on iphone
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